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All Exchange and Custom Rebuilt units are. . .

Tested with state-of-the-art equipment simulating on-vehicle conditions - to insure proper operation prior to installation.

Rebuilt by qualified, trained personnel.

Assembled with quality O.E. components from:  EATON, SAGINAW, SHEPPARD, TRW/ROSS, VICKERS.

Rebuilt Units Tested . . . and Tested Right!


Pump Testing

0 - 2200 RPM - Infinitely adjustable
0 - 2200 PSI - Infinitely adjustable fluid pressure
0 - 10 GPM - Pump capacity
Fluid heated 180 F
Actual pressure and flow test available at idle and high speed

Gear Testing

0 - 80,000 Inch pound resistance force - determines actual torque output anywhere in its 95 movement and internal leakage test under load

System Testing

Steering problems can be hard to pinpoint with the many components in the system.   Our test equipment can test and diagnose your pump and gear as a system, pinpointing problems quicker and with greater accuracy.

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