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TroubleShooting Tech Tips

by Steering Components, Inc.

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Chapter Contents

Basic Steering System Operation

Sector Shaft Adjustments

Drag-Link Adjustment

Relief Valve/Unloading Valve Adjustment

Ross/TAS Automatic Poppet Valve Adjustment

TRW Input Shaft Seal Replacement

Flushing the Steering System

Filling and Air-Bleeding the System

Steering Pump Testing

Steering Gear Internal Leakage Test

Steering Column Maintenance

Possible Steering Problems and Causes

Operating Pressure and Oil Flow Specs

Recommended Fluids


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PLEASE NOTE: Steering Components' Tech Tips is © copyright-protected material. The information it contains has been compiled form accepted and reliable sources and is correct to the best of our knowledge. Its purpose is to provide basic tutorial information, and to serve as a trouble-shooting guide. Steering Components, Inc. cannot and does not accept responsibility or liability for any mis-diagnosis or repair not undertaken by Steering Components authorized personnel.

Troubleshooting Tech Tips © 2001, Steering Components, Inc.

Copyright 2001, Steering Components, Inc.